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Meridian Liquid Coatings Roof Repair
Liquid rubber.We offer top of the line liquid coatings and roof repair kits helping you end roof leaking. From residential roof repairs, to a leaking ceiling, to preventing leaky roof mold or re-coating an entire commercial structure, Meridian Liquid Coatings has your roof repair covered. Roof leaking will be gone for good with Liquid Rubber roofing repair Free Shipping & No Handling Charges

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RV Roofing Repair
Liquid RoofLiquid Roof RV Roof repair is a liquid EPDM specifically formulated and packaged for RV do it yourself Roof Repair. From recoating an entire roofing repair to just repairing a tear Liquid Roof repair is your solution. ProFlex Primer available to  . Free Shipping & No Handling Charges

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Concrete & Masonry Repairs
Wtop roof leaking with Meridian Liquid Coatings.We offer concrete and masonry repair products such as self leveling expansion joint fillers, crack fillers, masonry sealants, caulks and adhesives.

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Caulks, Adhesives & Adhesive Sealants
Caulks, Adhesives & Adhesive SealantsWe offer a full line of caulks, adhesives and sealants including M-1 construction adhesive, self leveling caulks, trim caulks, HVAC specific caulks, caulking for metal architecture, and caulks and adhesives for windows, doors, siding and glazing.

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BARR Waterproofing MasticWe Meridian Liquid Coatings offers a full line of horizontal and vertical waterproofing products including foundation coatings and urethane sealers designed to seal balconies, structures and more. We also offer pourable waterproof membranes and specialty items for waterproofing penetrations including roof leaking.

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Specialty Products
Sport Surface SealerRoof leaking? Looking for a coating, caulk or adhesive for a specialty application or roofing repair? From sealing clean room penetrations to coating and sealing playgrounds and sport surfaces, if you dont find your sealer in another area, have a look here. We also offer products such as EPDM roofing snow guards and other liquid EPDM coatings.

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AccessoriesThe little things go a long way to completing the project. From Butyl tape and poly fabric to can & pail mixers, this is where you can find the accessories to help you finish the job. Whether you're trying to stop roof leaking or doing a full roofing repair, we offer the accessories that will make getting the job done quicker and easier.

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PrimersSome applications will require specific primers. We offer speciatly primers for roofing repair and other various jobs.

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Roof Repair Products Made To Fix Your Entire Roof

Roofing repair is something that can cause headaches and financial burden for both home and business owners.  A simple roof leaking can cause damage well beyond the need for roofing repair.  It can ruin flooring, merchandise and a range of other roof repair projects.  At Meridian Liquid Coatings we offer a number of solutions that will seal and protect your entire roof repair project by sealing all cracks and ponding areas for the long term.  With all of the products we sell at Meridian Liquid Coatings, we have simple answers to the question "How to repair a leaky Roof"

Roof Leaking Prevention & Repair

Roof leaking can be prevented and fixed easily with the use of the many of the products we offer at Meridian Liquid Coatings.  Thanks to roof repair products from Meridian Liquid Coatings we offer people solutions that would otherwise cost thousands in roof repair costs. End Roof leaking the easy way with Liquid Roof or Liquid Rubber! Roofing Contractors have sworn by our products, because they were created to make their job easier.  Liquid Roof takes a fraction of the time that roll roofing repair does and generally finishes with better results. Roofing repair companies save time and money when they choose to use Meridian Liquid Coatings products to complete their work.

Roofing Repair Products

Roofing repair can be a tricky business, but the products we offer at Meridian Liquid Coatings were created to simplify the process.  We focus on providing information that will help you make the best decisions on which products are right for you.  Whether you are trying to stop roof leaking or doing a full roof repair, we offer specific information to ensure you make the right decision for your roof leaking problem or roof repair project. Visit our Ebay Liquid Roof Liquid Rubber EPDM Coatings Store