About Us

Who We Are Makes Us Different

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality of coatings, technical support and customer service in the industry while providing a fair price consistent with our quality.

Key Employees From Industry Leaders.

The MLC team mission required the acquisition of key personnel to properly service our customer base. Our leadership consists of a highly qualified customer support and service manager from the manufacturing industry. Key manufacturing personnel directly responsible for product quality and an eCommerce professional with a track record of making niche products available via the internet. While our products are made available to you via the internet, we are not an internet company. We are at our core a company devoted to quality in everything we do and we have chosen the internet as a means of making it affordable and available.

Customer Education

We believe if we properly educate our customers they will choose the best products and company for their application. If we have the right product, that’s great.If the best solution is to point them in a different direction then we have done our job..

Customer Support

We are uniquely positioned in the industry in that we have liaisons with our top manufactures. One of their key responsibilities is to ensure that we have all of the information and training necessary to support our customers.