BuildSecure Construction Adhesive

Construction Adhesive for Sub Floors and Roof Assemblies

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Build Secure “green” structural adhesive is a fast setting structural adhesive designed for commercial and residential panel on frame assemblies. Build secure is solvent free, VOC compliant, non flammable and non carcinogenic.

Build Secure is a high adhesion product which meets specifications for sub floor construction (AFG-01, UM-60, ASTM D-3498)

BuildSecure achieves “wood tearing bonds” in as little as four hours. Build Secure Construction Roofing AdhesiveWith 500+ PSI shear strength, build secure is ideal for floor decks, shear walls and roof assemblies. Build secure is 100% solids. This means build secure can be used on irregular surfaces without fear of shrinking.

We also carry M-1 Structural Sealant.

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