Clear Polyether Elastomeric Sealant By Chemlink

Clear Polyether Elastomeric Sealant By Chemlink

Buy Clear Polyether Elastomeric Sealant By Chemlink

CLEAR is a high quality, environmentally friendly elastomeric polyether formula clear sealant for use in highly visible applications. Clear has no solvents and is composed of 100% solids. Clear sealant allows the application of a “green” environmentally friendly sealant without sacrificing quality!

CLEAR will not slump and can be applied vertically and even overhead. It will not sun stain, is paintable in about a day and has excellent adhesion to most construction materials.

Clear Polyether Elastomeric Sealant By ChemlinkClear is often used for expansion joints, pre-cast concrete, block and masonry applications, curtain walls, window and door frames as well as siding. It is also a superior choice for cove joints and weather sealing.

Clear is generally compatible with EPDM, SBS Mod Bit, Galvanized Metal, Aluminum, Engineered Plastics, PVC, Glass, Wood, EIFS, Block, Brick, EPS foam and even Concrete and Stone. 

Forgive the expression, but it is the CLEAR choice for an everyday high quality green sealant.

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