FloorSecure Green Wood Flooring Adhesive by Chemlink

Green Wood Flooring Adhesive by Chemlink

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FloorSecure is a high performance, “Green” trowel grade Wood Flooring, tile and stone adhesive for use on most wood and stone and tile floors. FloorSecure bonds to most flooring substrates.

FloorSecure from ChemLink provides contractors, homeowners and builders with a solvent free, odor free adhesive without sacrificing quality or performance.

FloorSecure Green Wood Flooring Adhesive ChemlinkFloorSecure is safe to use in schools, hospitals and food processing plants even when they are occupied. Floor secure offers easy installation of bituminous membranes in difficult, wet or cold environments.

Like most ChemLink products, floor secure is 100% solids, solvent free and paintable in 24 hours. It has no out gassing even when applied to damp surfaces. It is a single component and is very easy to spread and apply.

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