NovaLink & NovaLink SL

NovaLink & NovaLink SL
Plyether Sealant

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Plyether Sealant  

NovaLink is a moisture curing polyether sealant designed for application in damp, dry or cold climates.

NovaLink will not shrink, discolor or outgas. Novalink is capable of movement in excess of 25% NovaLink gray is our most popular!

NovaLink from ChemLink

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Novalink is commonly used in expansion joints, pre cast concrete, block and masonry, window and door frames, siding, parapets, cove joints and weather sealing.

Although you always want to test application, generally NovaLink can be applied to concrete, block, brick, masonry, aluminum, galvanized metal, wood, engineered plastics including PVC, glass, FRP, fiberglass and even EPS foam.

NovaLink is available in original and NovaLink SL Self Leveling products!

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