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ChemCurb DuraLink
SnowShoe Snow Guard M-1 Structural Adhesive
Knuckleheads Flat Roof Pipe Supports NovaLink
Pourable Sealers NovaLink SL
Seal Pack Waterproofing BuildSecure
Roof Assembly Adhesive TileSecure
DuraSil FloorSecure
MetaLink WallSecure

DuraLink Sealant

Super Adhesive Sealant

DuraLink Sealant

DuraLink will seal the following: Metal with acrylic, epoxy or Kynar coatings, galvanized steel, anodized aluminum, copper, vinyl siding and windows, wood, EPS, and fiberglass. Masonry masonry and concrete expansion joints as well as EIFS and curtain wall construction.


ChemCurb Pitch Pocket

Easy Roof Penetration Sealer

chemcurb chem curbChemCurb system replaces old metal pitch pans with versatile polyester components and pourable sealers. Chemcurbs create waterproof seals around penetrations of any size. Use around a single pipe or an entire air conditioning unit. Use with EPDM, TPO and most roofing systems.


BARR Waterproofing

Roofing Repair & Waterproofing

BARR Roofing & WaterproofingBARR Liquid Waterproof membrane is a high solids, moisture curing polyether based material for repairs and waterproofing roofs, foundation cavity walls, split slabs and planter boxes. BARR Liquid Flash & Patch is a gun ready version is for use in roof repair. Check out our new Flat Roof Repair Kit for Asphalt and BURR


Seal Pack Waterproofing

Roof System & Waterproofing

waterproofing Seal PackSeal Pack is a two part liquid urethane for sealing and waterproofing walls, roofing and underground structures with a seamless rubber barrier.Seal Pack can be used above or below grade. Click for details on seal pack code compliance.

M-1 Structural Adhesive

Structural Adhesive & Sealant

M1 Structural AdhesiveM-1 Bonds aggressively to EPDM, PVC, BUR, coal tar, SBS mod bit, granulated APP, many types of coated metal, metal flashing details and FRP. M-1 is capable of bonding steel deck to bar joists and metal sandwich panels to roof and wall purlins.

FloorSecure Adhesive

No Odor Wood and TIle Glue

FloorSecure Green Wood and Tile Floor AdhesiveFloorSecure is a high solids, solvent free, no odor flooring adhesive. FloorSecure sets quickly. Floor secure is a polyether “green” adhesive specially designed bo bonding most wood flooring materials. FloorSecure is ideal for applications where odor is an issue.


SnowShoe Snow Guards

SnowShoes Snow guardsSnowShoes are polycarbonate snow guards able to withstand extreme snow loads. Snow Shoe Snow Guards are paintable. SnowShoes are Field packed in plastic buckets and include enough DuraSil clear adhesive to install the snow guards on a standard roof. Snow Shoes make an affordable alternative to engineered systems.


NovaLink & NovaLink SL

High Performance Joint Sealant

NovaLink NovaLink SL joint sealantNovaLink is a high performance interior or exterior joint sealant for use in both moving and non-moving joint applications. Polyether technology provides a long lasting weather tight seal to construction substrates. NovaLink SL is self leveling for horizontal joints such as driveways, factory floors, balconies, and parking structures.

Chemlink Green Building Products

Meridian Liquid Coatings LLC offers Chemlink products at the guaranteed lowest delivered price. If you find a lower delivered price on any chemlink product, we will beat it by 5%. While other companies make their Chemlink prices seem low and charge high shipping rates, our shipping is always free!

M-1: Structural Construction Adhesive and Sealant with +/- 25% Joint movement. Paintable. 4 colors. The Cadillac.

Dura Link: Super Adhesion Sealant with +/- 50% Joint Movement. Bonds to Kynar. Great for sealing metal roofing and gutters. Paintable. 12 colors.

Nova Link: All Weather Construction Sealant with+/- 25% Joint Movement. Great for vertical Concrete joints. Paintable. 12 colors.

Nova Link SL: Self Levelling Construction Sealant with +/- Joint Movement. Bonds to Concrete and aged asphalt. Stone and Gray.

SOF Rod: Backer Rod: Flexible foam for use as a sealant backing. Creates an ideal “hour glass” joint shape; creates the best performance for sealants and adhesives allowing for joint movement.

Dura Sil: High Performance Adhesive and Sealant. A moisture curing silicone. 10 minute skin over, no dirt pick up. 4 colors and translucent.

Dura Sil K&B: High Performance Kitchen and Bath Sealant. Designed for wet environments resisting mold and mildew. Translucent, White and Bisque

Trim Caulk: Multi-Purpose Sealant. A high quality moisture curing elastomeric caulking for high visibility sealing applications; Ideal for siding and brick applications. 35 colors available.

Clear: General Purpose Clear Sealant. Can be used vertically and overhead. Non Slump. Adheres to Metal, Concrete and Wood.

Metal Link: Resilient elastomeric properties that provide excellent adhesion to HVAC substrates. Paintable.

Build Secure: Multi Purpose Construction Adhesion. A fast setting structural adhesive designed for panel on frame construction. Ideal for wall and roof assemblies where timing is of critical importance.

Wall Secure: High Performance Drywall and Foam Adhesive. A fast setting adhesive that bonds to most substrates. Chem Link’s Non-Solvent based products do not attack foam insulation.

Floor Secure: Multi Purpose Wood & Tile Adhesive. Floor Secure is safe for occupied buildings ie: Schools, hospitals or food processing plants.

Tile Secure: Roof Tile Adhesive/Sealant. A high performance adhesive designed for Clay, Composite, Concrete and Slate Roofs. Resists dirt pick up!


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