ChemCurbs Seal Penetrations and Avoid Flat Roof Repair

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The most common source of roof leaks are around penetrations. The top picture shows roof penetrations sealed with Chem Link ChemCurb. We also have Mini Curbs and E-Curbs.

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The ChemCurb System is easy to work with… and it’s environmentally friendly. The ChemCurb System is based on GREEN technology: All components are completely safe for use on occupied buildings. ChemCurbs contain no solvents, no toxic materials and no carcinogens. ChemCurbs contain no greenhouse chemicals. There is no risk of fire or explosion.

Roofing Contractors: Provide a professional, quality job and reduce callbacks by installing Chem Link ChemCurbs.

Building Owners: You just spent thousands of dollars on a new roof. Chances are the one area most likely to leak is your penetrations. Insist on a Chem Link Chemcurb around each and every penetration on your roof!

The ChemCurb System consists of three essential components:

without chemcurb

A pre-cast polyester shell M-1® Structural Adhesive/Sealant and A self-leveling pourable sealant.

ChemCurbs are impervious to ice, corrosion, UV and ponding water and are available in Round, Straight and Corner shapes. These modular components can be arranged to fit any size and shape of the penetration. ChemCurbs bond to the roof’s surface using M-1 Structural Adhesive/ Sealant, which delivers a permanent, waterproof bond. Liquid sealant is then poured to fill the cavity formed by the curbs. Installation takes eight to ten minutes under normal conditions.

Original ChemCurb Installations Are Still Going Strong More than two million ChemCurbs have been sold since the system was introduced in 1995. They prove their worth every day, come rain or shine, snow or ice, low temperatures or high winds.

We also have Mini Curbs and E-Curbs

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