EPDM Surface Conditioner

EPDM Surface Conditioner

Meridian Liquid Coatings is your number one source for EPDM.

EPDM Surface Conditioner is NOT REQUIRED on most jobs. EPDM Surface conditioner is available to contractors and commercial building owners only. EPDM surface conditioner can be used prior to applying Liquid Rubber when there is a concern about the ability to properly clean the roof.

EPDM Surface Conditioner can not be shipped to a residential location under any circumstances.

EPDM Rubber Roof RepairAging and weathering combined with airborne dirt and pollutants creates a thin layer of deposits on your EPDM Rubber roof.  These contaminants can be difficult to remove and in some case will affect the ability of Liquid Rubber to adhere to your EPDM Rubber Roof.

Our EPDM Surface Conditioner improves Liquid Rubbers ability to adhere to an old weathered roof.   An improved bond will be more pronounced over newer and less weathered rubber as well as with older more weathered surfaces. Moderately weathered rubber will still benefit from the use of Surface Conditioner but to a lesser degree, since Liquid Rubber® generally develops better mechanical adhesion here thus masking the influence of the Conditioner.


Your EPDM rubber roof will absorb solvent from the Surface Conditioner and from Liquid Rubber. The rubber on your EPDM roof will swell, which may result in wrinkling or bubbling. DO NOT BE ALARMED. This is only temporary and the sheet rubber will usually recover to its original form as the solvents dissipate. . Some older brands of rubber exhibit more pronounced swelling and may not recover completely. Do Not Apply surface conditioner to your EPDM roofing without consulting with our technicians AND applying a small test area first.


Clean single ply rubber by scrubbing surface with a detergent solution. Thoroughly rinse with water and let dry. Apply a thin coating of Surface Conditioner with a roller or bristle brush. Work a small area repeatedly until surface looks uniform without leaving any puddles before moving on. Solvent will evaporate quickly leaving a slightly tacky surface behind. Clean soles of shoes before walking on treated surface. Liquid Rubber® may be applied to treated surface immediately or days later if further dirt pick-up is prevented.

COVERAGE: 200 square feet per gallon on single ply EPDM sheet rubber.

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