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Meridian Liquid Coatings currently offers liquid rubber.

Liquid Rubber Covers 42 – 46 Sq. Ft. Per Gallon.iquid Rubber® is one of the most innovative products for roof coating and EPDM Rubber Roof Repair on the market today. Initially created 20 years ago as Liquid Roof® to recoat RV roofs, overwhelming response to the product created a new market and product, EPDM Liquid Rubber® for industrial and commercial roof repair


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What is the difference between Liquid Rubber and Liquid Roof?

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For the last 20 years EPDM Liquid Rubber® has been widely used to recoat sheet EPDM rubber roofs, metal roofs, toweled concrete, rusted surfaces; without a primer, and many more. Liquid Rubber® withstands ponding water or total immersion. Liquid Rubber® cured or uncured will not be damaged by freezing temperatures; in fact, the temperature range is from -60 to 300 degrees F. Liquid Rubber is chemical resistant. All this and still a 1 coat application!! For large commercial roof repair jobs please consult us to determine if our surface conditioner is necessary.

Liquid Rubber
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Liquid Rubber® stock colors are White, Black and Gray. Custom colors are available; e-mail us with your needs. Although Liquid Rubber has been used for many different things including a liner in custom leather shoes, the very best application for Liquid Rubber is as a roof coating.

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Today, Liquid Rubber® is available in a low VOC formula that maintains all of the properties and application procedures of Original Liquid Rubber® but has all of the benefits needed for those that need or want a Low VOC product. The low VOC formula only comes in white to provide the highest reflective properties available to a rubber product.

Liquid Rubber

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