Liquid Rubber Low VOC

Low VOC EPDM Rubber Roof Repair Using Liquid Rubber

Buy Low VOC EPDM Rubber Roof Repair

Trying to repair a rubber or flat roof with a high quality liquid roof coating, that will last, when the building is located in Southern California or other areas with tough VOC requirements can be tough. Liquid Rubber low VOC formulation is the answer! Stop recoating your roof with inexpensive and undesirable water based Elastomeric roof coatings. Liquid Rubber Low VOC allows you to have a rubber roof identical to the EPDM roof most hospitals, church’s and schools have now — In Liquid Form!

Liquid Rubber Liquid EPDM Roof Coating also available in its original formulation

Low VOC EPDM Rubber Roof Repair

Liquid Rubber Liquid EPDM Meets Southern California’s Air Quality Management District and many other districts air quality regulations that require less than 50 grams per liter of Volatile Organic Compounds for roof coatings. This means you no longer have to settle for inferior roof coatings.

When considering total job cost Liquid Rubber Liquid EPDM Low VOC roof coating is an affordable alternative to elastomerics. Our Low VOC Roof coating can be applied in a single coat and often does not require the use of a primer. While our material costs may be higher, our low VOC roof coating provides a single coat 20-30 mil dry film which simply can not be accomplished using an elastomeric roof coating!

Repairing an EPDM Rubber roof is a simple process. First, the roof needs to be cleaned. We recommend that the roof is cleaned with a mild detergent and rinsed thoroughly.Then simply coat the roof with our low VOC Roof Coating per our installation instructions!

EPDM Rubber has been used in commercial applications for years. EPDM rubber is typically purchased in large rubber sheets. Repairing and EPDM rubber roof often meant removing the affected area which could become very expensive. Liquid Rubber Liquid EPDM Low VOC formulation is EPDM sheet rubber in a can!

EPDM Liquid Rubber is Southern California and other areas answer to tough VOC regulations. You no longer need to settle for an inferior product.LOW VOC Liquid EPDM LIquid Rubber Roof Coating is your answer.

  • Low VOC
  • Elastomeric Properties
  • Can be applied over most roofing materials
  • Liquid EPDM Liquid Rubber Product
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • White or Black Same Price 
  • Keeps Structure Cooler When White is Used.
  • FREE Shipping! 
  • One Coat, no Primer in Many Applications
  • Resists ponding water 
  • Coverage up to 46 Sq. Ft. Per Gallon 
  • Ultra Violet and Ozone stable 
  • Acid and alkali resistant 
  • Resistant to polar solvents
  • One coat application


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