Mini Curbs and E-Curb

MiniCurbs and E-Curb Seal Penetrations for Less

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The MiniCurb™ is designed to seal smaller penetrations such as HVAC conduit and drains, exterior lighting supports, surveillance cameras, mounts for solar panels and light angle-iron struts. E ChemCurbs seal larger penetrations similar to ChemCurbs but provide a lighter more affordable option. E ChemCurbs are available in sizes large enough for solar panel brackets and larger pipes. E ChemCurbs are available in diameters up to 9″ . 

The MiniCurb is built with a special fiberglass reinforced nylon that is tough and durable. Its unique slip-fit components permit quick assembly around penetrations that can’t be disturbed. MiniCurbs are installed with the same adhesive as the larger ChemCurbs® and a specially formulated sealant. MiniCurbs have a flanged bottom that allows for external flashing with appropriate membrane material.

Each kit contains the curbs components and more than enough 1-Part MiniCurb Pourable Sealer and M-1® adhesive to complete all of the curbs.

The MiniCurb & E ChemCurbs Installs in under 5 minute. They are Quick and Convenient Our 1-PART Pourable Sealer is designed to self level and cure quickly. They also feature our New “Slip Fit” Technology Easy Installation. You will find MiniCurbs and E CHemCurbs Versatile Useful in a variety of construction applications. E ChemCurbs and MiniCurbs are adaptable and Can be surface mounted or flashed in with traditional roofing materials. MiniCurbs are installed in the same manner as larger ChemCurbs. 

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