Alpha Rubber

Determine if you have an Alpha brand rubber roof

Relying on past information that a cream colored roof is the way to know if you have an Alpha brand rubber roof is not adequate. Although Alpha did manufacture a distinctive cream colored roof, that is not the only rubber roof they manufactured.

The easiest way to determine if you have an Alpha brand roof is to refer to the original paperwork.

The list of original equipment will show the brand of rubber roof that was installed at the factory.

If you do not have the original paperwork you can contact the manufacturer and they will be able to tell you.

If neither of those are available you can Google it; in the search box put in your make, model, year, followed by the words; original equipment and you should get back the results you need.

If you are unable to get the information from any of the above, your best bet would be to use the Proflex Primer.

MLC Does not sell Alpha Rubber and Alpha Rubber is a trademark of its company. This information is offered solely to assist you in determining if you have an Alpha Rubber Roof.

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