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rv roof repair liquid roofLiquid Roof® was created 20 years ago and introduced to the RV industry to resolve some issues that existing products did not address. Liquid Roof is an EPDM Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating that repairs your RV roof in one coat. Liquid Roof Covers 42 – 46 Sq. Ft. Per Gallon.

Liquid Roof

Liquid Roof

Please be aware that other sites are CLAIMING to have free shipping and charging a $2.50 handling fee per gallon and even more for larger sizes! We NEVER Charge Handling Fees!

The F9991-k Liquid Roof Repair Kit includes 1 gallon Liquid Roof® with catalyst, mixer, brush and polyester fabric. Covers 40-46 sq. ft.

What is the difference between Liquid Rubber and Liquid Roof?


RV owners hated the unsightly streaks of chalky grime cascading down the sides of their RV’s. Liquid Roof from Pro Guard Coatings helps eliminate chalking and improves your RV roof by rejuvenating it with a new layer of liquid EPDM

Recoat vs. Reroof

As RV Roofs age and layer after layer of your roof chalks off, what you are eventually left with after 6-10 years is a blotchy looking roof in need of repair or replacement. Liquid Roof® forever solves the question of whether it is worth it to replace the roof on your RV. Applying one coat of Liquid Roof® will extend the life of your roof another 6-10 years or more.

Easy One Coat Application

Liquid Roof

Liquid Roof

Most of our competitors point to the fact that their product is cheaper, and on the surface it looks just like that. If you take the time to research the steps and coats needed to complete a recoat job with other products, it’s easy to see that a single coat of Liquid Roof® RV Roof Repair is the better deal….Not to mention, after 1 coat you’re done! Important Note: If you have an Alpha Rubber Roof you will need to use a primer.

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