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Waterproofing Mastic 


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BARR Waterproofing Mastic for Roof Repair, Waterproofing, Plaza Deck Sealing & More.

is a liquid cold applied single component waterproofing membrane that cures by exposure to the
atmospheric and or substrate moisture to form a continuous, tough, reinforced elastic waterproof seal. BARR is also available in calking tubes for flashing and patch work. BARR Flash & Patch is an elastomeric roof coating & waterproofing material for use in repairing roof seal leak, shingles, roof valleys, seams, chimneys, flashing’s and emergency repairs. BARR Flash & Seal Leak Tubes are perfect for use in green applications.

Unlike many waterproofing membranes BARR Bonds to asphalt and concrete. BARR is Solvent free, 100% solids and will not shrink. Another advantage to BARR is that it will skin over in about 10 minutes which greatly reduces dirt pick up. BARR has Superior adhesion to most construction materials,

Seal leak spots with BARR Waterproofing Mastic.BARR can be used to waterproof planter boxes, sealing and repairing parapets, plaza decks
and many roofing systems, including “green”. BARR is also a versatile roof repair product used to seal water leak spots or can even be used for lining and waterproofing gutters and a horizontal joint sealers.

BARR can be used below grade! BARR is perfect to use as a positive-side waterproofing for sealing foundations and to seal leak areas. A positive side waterproofing membrane is a membrane which is applied on the outside of the system. Coating the exterior foundation wall would be a good example of positive side waterproofing and which BARR is perfect for as well as to seal leak spots. Coating the inside basement wall, to keep the water from getting in would be negative side waterproofing. BARR would not be suited for negative side waterproofing.

BARR is also used in between slab waterproofing, equipment wells and other underground construction. BARR is solvent free and compliant with all known environmental and OSHA requirements. It can be used  to seal leak areas in confined spaces without respiratory protection.

BARR forms an elastomeric rubber that is resistant to thermal shock. It will not crack in extreme cold or slump due to softening at high temperatures like conventional asphalt or coal tar based coating.

Coverage: BARR will cover about 55 Sq. Ft. Per gallon/ per coat. Two coats are recommended.

Area Length:

Area Width:


Waterproof Mastic

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BARR is generally trowel applied in a two coat minimum application rate of 30 mils per coat.  Due to the fast tack-free time, the second coat of BARR can usually be applied within thirty minutes of the first coat.

Math Extension for Application Rate

10’X10’ area = 120”X 120”= 14,440 sq. inches
14,400 sq. inches X 0.60 mils (total)= 864 cubic inches
864 cubic inches divided by 231 cubic inches per gallon = 3.74 gallons per square (3.75 gallons)

Waterproofing Area Math Explanation

This application rate is calculated for a smooth substrate.  Rough substrates will require additional waterproofing seal leak material.

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