Specialty Products

M-1 CR Structural Adhesive

m1crM-1CR (cleanroom) is solvent-free, extremely low VOC, moisture curing, polyether adhesive-sealant designed for application in areas where outgassing and solvents are not tolerated. It releases virtually no molecular air contamination and contains no isocyanates.

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EPDM Surface Conditioner

Surface ConditionerSURFACE CONDITIONER F9910. This product is typically used in conjunction with Liquid Rubber on large commercial jobs. This Surface Conditioner is designed to stabilize deposits on single ply sheet rubber and improve the adhesion of Liquid Rubber®.

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Liquid Rubber

Meridian Liquid Coatings currently offers liquid rubber.Liquid Rubber is the Original Liquid EPDM Coating. It is the same material as EPDM sheet rubber in Liquid form. It is idea for Rubber roof repairs, metal roof coatings, pond repair, and many other roof coating projects.

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Seal Pack

seal packSeal Pack is your waterproofing solution for underground parking structures, balconies, walls and many roofing systems. Seal Pack forms a seamless rubber barrier which is impermeable to water, ice, sewage and a wide range of chemicals and petroleum products. 

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Snow Guard

SNOWSHOES™ are polycarbonate snow guards able to withstand typical snow loads and are paintable. All field packs include DuraSil™ clear adhesive. Unlike traditional systems they are easy to install, affordable and readily available. 

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SportSurface Sealer

Sport surface an aliphatic urethane sealant, typically clear, for composite rubber surfaces installed at playgrounds, water parks and other areas where a resilient surface is required. Sport Surface® Rubber Sealer is flexible and strong enough to survive the compression and recovery forces that a composite rubber undergoes.

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