Seal Pack

Seal Pack
Urethane Waterproof Coating is now special order only. Call for details

Urethane Waterproof Coating

Seal Pack is your waterproofing solution for underground parking structures, balconies, walls and many roofing systems. Seal Pack forms a seamless rubber barrier which is impermeable to water, ice, sewage and a wide range of chemicals and petroleum products.

Seal Pack is two part a liquid applied RTV urethane waterproofing membrane. When Seal Pack cures it remains flexible. Seal Pack will not flow, creep or degrade at temperatures of to 200 degrees! Additionally, unlike other products which become brittle, seal pack will remain flexible to temperatures of minus 40 degrees.

Seal Pack Urethane Waterproof Coating

Based on a 20 Mil film, Seal Pack will cover 81 Square Feet per gallon. Please note that two 20-mil applications are required.

Seal Pack has an unlimited cure depth and excellent adhesion to most construction materials. Seal pack can be used in above grade as well as below grade applications. Seal pack does not contain asphalt or coal tar and Seal Pack is paintable!

Seal pack should never be applied over uncured concrete, wet or oily surfaces or if rain is expected within 24 hours. Seal pack is not for use over Hyaline and requires a primer to coat TPO. Seal Pack is not appropriate for use on smooth APP modified bitumen membranes.

Seal Pack can be used to seal concrete or masonry chimney caps after sealing all cracks and chips with M-1 Structural Sealant. Seal Pack is not a stand alone product when used on balconies. It should be covered with an astroturf or outdoor carpeting.

Seal Pack has a pot life of about 50 minutes at 70 degrees. Pot life may be as low as 30 minutes at 100 degrees. Extreme cold temperatures slow cure and may cause a incomplete cure. Seal Pack is made to order and takes 2 – 4 weeks to ship.

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