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Rubber Sport and playground surfaces are great from protecting our kids (and grown-ups too) from the bumps, bruises and injuries that can happen on a typical playground. While they can’t guarantee that you will be injury free they greatly reduce injuries on sports and playground surfaces as well as water parks. Unfortunately, there is a downside!

The rubber mats tend to absorb bacteria, germs dirt and other containments that can be harmful. In fact, if these sport surfaces are left untreated they can become a nightmare to clean and a breeding ground for bacteria. Sport Surface Rubber Sealer is the answer!

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SportSurface an aliphatic urethane sealant, typically clear, for composite rubber surfaces installed at playgrounds, water parks and other areas where a resilient surface is required.
SportSurface® Rubber Sealer is flexible and strong enough to survive the compression and recovery forces that a composite rubber undergoes. Sport Surface® Rubber Sealer prevents the absorption of dirt and water by the rubber. This keeps it sanitary and easier to clean. It can be used on interior and exterior applications and is especially suitable for preserving the existing color and pattern of the mat. Our Sport Surface Rubber Sealer is available in clear as well as colors. Sport Surface Rubber Sealer can be purchased by municipalities, contractors and homeowners alike. If you have a large job please contact us for pricing.

sport surface for playgrounds

A Cleaner playground, water park, or sport surface is a safer playground water park and sport surface. Our Sport Surface Rubber Sealer stops dirt and water from penetrating your rubber mats keeping it cleaner and more sanitary.

Surface Porosity and Application

Field installed rubber composites and mats have varying amounts of void spaces to allow for increased flexibility and longevity.. The surface of the mat should have a thin seal coat using fine (200-400 micron) rubber particles in order to create a more uniform surface porosity. If this is not done there will be excessive penetration of Sport surface® Rubber Sealer which will considerably increase cost and also reduce the resilience of the mat by filling some of the necessary void spaces.

The most effective application method is to use a two step procedure. Apply a first coat (do not thin) at a spread rate of approximately 50 sq. ft. per gallon using a roller. Follow immediately with a rubber squeegee and scrape surface so sealer fills porous areas primarily. Allow about four hours for cure. Follow with a second coat spread at approximately 40 sq. ft. per gallon and let cure for 48 hours before allowing foot traffic. For water parks allow a 4 day cure at an average temperature of 70° F before turning the water on.


Sport surface® Rubber Sealer may be recoated periodically if the rubber surface is first sanded with a 60 grit belt sander. Vacuum dust. Surface must be dry when recoating. A single application at 80 sq. ft. per gallon should suffice.

2-Year Warranty

  • Two part aliphatic polyester urethane
  • Standard and custom colors available.
  • Produces clear films up to 18 mils thick
  • High Solids: 89.4% by volume; 91.2% by weigh
  • 50 minute pot life at 70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 2 ½ Hrs set to touch; 48 Hrs for foot traffic. 4 days for water spray
  • Use MEK for clean-up
  • Ultra Violet and Ozone stable


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