‘Toad or no Toad’

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Motorhomes are all inclusive, meaning you have the means to travel and lodge within the same vehicle. But many people choose to tow a regular, small car along. Why? Once settled in at the resort or campground, it is cumbersome to pack everything up and drive away and do it all over again if  you want to tour the area or just run a quick errand. On the other hand,  you will not really save on fuel as towing a vehicle consumes more fuel. And the campsite may offer free shuttle service to town or nearby attractions or you can get there by bike. Planning your trip and researching the area you will be staying at can help you choose whether a toad is necessary. Read more on these and other considerations on ‘toads’ here. 

RVNN.TV: Deciding Wheter to Tow a Regular Car or Go ‘Toadless”

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