BARR Waterproofing Mastic

BARR™ Liquid Waterproof Membrane is a high solids, moisture curing, polyether-based material designed for repairs and waterproofing roofs, foundations, cavity walls, split slabs, and planter boxes. BARR is compatible with concrete, masonry, BUR, metal and foam.

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Liquid Rubber

Meridian Liquid Coatings currently offers liquid rubber.Liquid Rubber is the Original Liquid EPDM Coating. It is the same material as EPDM sheet rubber in Liquid form. It is idea for Rubber roof repairs, metal roof coatings, pond repair, and many other roof coating projects.

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Seal Pack

seal packSeal Pack is your waterproofing solution for underground parking structures, balconies, walls and many roofing systems. Seal Pack forms a seamless rubber barrier which is impermeable to water, ice, sewage and a wide range of chemicals and petroleum products. 

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M-1® Structural Adhesive/Sealant

M-1® Structural Adhesive/Sealant bonds aggressively to EPDM, PVC, BUR, coal tar, SBS mod bit, granulated APP, many structural types of coated metal, metal flashing details and FRP. Capable of bonding steel deck to bar joist and metal sandwich panels to roof and wall purlins.

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M-1 CR Structural Adhesive

m1crM-1CR (cleanroom) is solvent-free, extremely low VOC, moisture curing, polyether adhesive-sealant designed for application in areas where outgassing and solvents are not tolerated. It releases virtually no molecular air contamination and contains no isocyanates.

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